Richard III


The English Patient

Workshop scene from an early training course in London

A Dying Ember

Short film with Andrew McGuirk in the lead role

The Village Fate (extracts)

Stage performance at Edinburgh Fringe Festival with Up To Something Acting Troupe. Selected scenes.

Caja Madrid

Spanish TV Commercial

Dr Lee

Self-tape for mental health film

Engagement Leader - Corporate Role

Audition for a corporate internal training film

A Higher Level Of Talk


The Iceman

Monologue - American Accent

The Birthday Party

Monologue - As Stanley in The Birthday Party


Monologue - As Capulet in Romeo and Juliet


Short film

Our Revels Now Are Ended

As Prospero in The Tempest - Two versions

Even After Sorry


BAA Showcase Rehearsal (extracts)

Stage rehearsals for the end of course showcase. Selected scenes.