Voice Samples and Audiobooks

Muestras de voz y audiolibros

Judge, Introduction to 12 Angry Jurors

Off stage voice recording

Friends, Romans, Countrymen

As Marc Antony from the play, Julius Caesar

Radio Play (single scene)

Single scene from the radio play, Waiting For The Family To Arrive

Pinnochio Gangster

Pinnochio with New York gangster voice

Oswald Mosley

As Oswald Mosley - his speech on European Unity

Audiobooks for adults and teenagers.

Audiolibros para adultos y adolescentes

Narrated, recorded and produced by Andrew McGuirk

These are retail samples. Full length audiobooks available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes websites

Narrado, grabado y producido por Andrew McGuirk

Estas son muestras de venta al por menor. Audiolibros completos disponibles en los sitios web de Audible, Amazon e iTunes

Watson, My Life

Audiobook retail sample, Based on the life story of Sherlock Holmes' friend, Dr Watson

Sherlock Holmes

Audiobook retail sample, The Last Confession Of Sherlock Holmes

After Dawn

Audiobook retail sample. Teenage fiction.

A Night In Annwn

Audiobook retail sample. Fictional drama about Spiritualism.

Audiobooks for young children

Audiolibros para niños pequeños

Including narration, sound effects and music.

Narrated, recorded and produced by Andrew McGuirk.

Incluyendo narración, efectos de sonido y música.

Narrado, grabado y producido por Andrew McGuirk.

The Wind Beneath The Wings

Children's audiobook retail sample. An anti-bullying story.

The Prince Of Camelot

Children's audiobook retail sample from The Prince Of Camelot And The Equinox Snow

The Ghost

Children's audiobook retail sample from The Ghost And The Ball Of Candlewax, The Boyhood Of Dr. Jose P Rizal

Into The Neverlands

Children's audiobook retail sample. Funny storytime book.

Goldilocks Is An Outlaw

Children's audiobook sample from Goldilocks Is An Outlaw, Reward 100 Gold. A conflation of well known fairy tales.